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 Engine Modifications  

Lightweight Valve Set for 4-Tec Engines

Price $399.95 
Sea Doo 4-tech valves

Like GEN II Ferrea valves

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High Performance Turbo Flywheel

Price $399.00 

This is a lightened Turbo Flywheel for Sea Doo 4-tech

Lightest EVER Produced
Turbo tested 100's of hours
Reduces crankshaft wear

Weights 1ib 2.2oz
Saves Crank fatigue and bearings 
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Sea Doo 4-tech Lightened Flywheel Supercharged

Price $379.95 
Sea Doo 4-tech Supercharged Lightweight Flywheel Gear. Quicker Acceleration, less wear and tear on components. Click for details

Titanium Retainer & Double Valve Spring

Price $349.00 

Sea Doo 4-tech engine Titanium Retainer & Double Valve Spring
This is for high RPM's High Horsepower Application
Tested for over 1000 hours
Complete Set(12 spring sets & 24 titanium retainers)
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